Let's Put the Pieces of Social Communication Together!

Kidworks is now accepting applications for social skills groups and social/play groups.

Social Skills Groups:

Older Kids Group

                                                                                    Ages 8-12 years

Adolescent groups

6-8 children in a group

Some of the social skills addressed include:  greetings, eye contact, personal space, cooperating, appropriate behavior, 

feelings, conversation skills, friendship skills, bullying, self monitoring, self regulation

social club is one hour in length and meets weekly

Contact our front desk for infomation or to enroll!!

Younger Kids Group

Does your child (age 5-8) struggle with forming social relationships with others?  

Do they have difficulty at school with their peers? Youth Social Club is here to help! 

We incorporate social activities and games and building friendships along the way! 

Give it a go!

social club is one hour in length and meets weekly

Contact Liz Langston, MA, CFY-SLP at Kidworks to gain more information or enroll!

Play Groups:

Toddler Group

Mondays and Wednesday 9-11AM


Tuesdays and Thursdays 9-11

(There is also a one day per week option)

3's Group

Mondays and Wednesdays 12-2

Toddler and 3's Groups are integrated playgroups designed for children of all varying abilities. Children participate in developmetally appropriate activities that are meant to stimulate all areas of development.  Toddler group is for children              between the ages of 2 years 3 months and age 3.  3's group is for 3 year olds.  

The groups are led by Val Spaulding who is a developmental therapist and who is famous for leading playgroups in                  Porter County for many years.  Kidworks is pleased to have Val join us and bring her fabulous team.  The child to adult ratio remains low so all children can receive the individualized time they deserve with teachers who have extensive early childhood development experience and knowledge.

  •  All fees for groups are paid monthly.